Pre-registration - Teen classroom and in-car course.
Use this for only to register teens that will be taking the Teen Driver's Education course, consisting of 24 hours of classroom and 8 hours of behind-the-wheel lessons.

(Do not use this form for JDIP or teen remedial or Teen BTW only registrations.)

Pre-registering for class is an efficient way to let us know when you will be attending class and takes care of most of the registration process ahead of time.

Please fill out the below form and press the SUBMIT button when finished and we will have your registration paperwork printed out for you when you arrive at the driving school.

New students start every Monday. Openings as soon as next week.

Student information
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Note: student must be at least 15 years and 5 months of age in order to start class.

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E-mail address
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What date do you intend to start classes? *

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New students start every Monday. Openings as soon as next week.

Which session would you like to attend? evening class or
morning class (mainly summers)

Students can start on any Monday.  Evening classes are from 6 pm to 9:05 pm.  Morning sessions are from 9 am to 12:05 pm and typically held only during the summer. Call for other special classes.

Temporary driving permit info
The following information can be found on your photo ID. If you cannot locate this information, do not fill in this section.   Your driving instructor will gather this information before you drive with us.   Students are not required to have their temporary driving permit in order to start the classroom sessions.

License Number

This is labeled "LICENSE NO." on the photo ID. It is two letters followed by 6 numbers. EG: TX123456

Permit Issue Date This is labeled "ISSUE DATE" on your photo ID.
Permit Expiration Date

The permit expiration date is labeled "EXPIRES" on the photo ID.

Emergency Medical Information
The following information can be filled in now and submitted over the internet or hand written when completing the forms when you arrive at the driving school.   It is much more efficient if you are able to fill in this information now.

Mother's Name Cell Phone
Daytime Phone
Evening Phone
Father's Name Cell Phone
Evening Phone
Daytime Phone
Other Contact Name Contact Phone
Relationship: Contact Cell Phone
Preferred Hospital
Medical conditions that we should be aware of

If eligible for home pickup, you can either type directions to your house now, or hand write those directions when you come in to complete the registration process.

Directions from 1225 North Main St., North Canton, Ohio 44720 to your house for home pick up.

Note: See service area (new window) for home pickup eligibility.


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